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Many track racers have chosen Spectre as their vehicle for success. Hundredths of seconds decide track races so the transfer of power from the rider’s muscles to the machine allow for no compromise. But it’s not all about stiffness. The roads are not as smooth as the boards of a velodrome. The bike needs to be responsive but it must also provide the necessary level of comfort. It’s what we call FESTKA RACE DNA. The Spectre is calm enough to let you grab a snack or take off your rain cape but it will be ready to help you close a gap or avoid a rough patch on the road. Always 110%.

Every single detail of this frame was designed with performance in mind. The carbon filament for Spectre’s tubes is laid by the most advanced robotic machines available. The crucial components are the chainstays made of ultra high modulus 1K filament laid at zero angle. This gives the frame an exceptional bending stiffness, while the Farfalle design ensures an unparalleled torsional stiffness. The combination of the two makes Spectre a unique race machine.

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