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Our passion is perfection..

Premium Road Bikes. Shipped world wide


Pinarello Bikes will be available at the Girona Hub for rent

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For years we thought about creating the bike of our dreams: the fastest, best performing road bicycle ever made..

Alberto Contador
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ENVE Melee


The Melee chassis is the canvas upon which you can create your dream bike. Choose your favorite SES or Foundation wheelset, SES AR Handlebar width, Integrated Aero Stem length, and Aero Seatpost setback to achieve your perfect setup.
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When the Strada was introduced in 2017, it set the benchmark for comfortable aero road bikes. The brand-new Strada takes advantage of the new UCI rules to become faster, routes the cables internally without an aero penalty and continues to offer unparalleled aero comfort.
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Festka bicycles are small technological miracles carefully packaged in unique design schemes; made in limited quantities for those who appreciate a perfect riding experience.
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A rigorous and transparent supply chain that excels in every aspect: production of real monocoque, carbon lamination and aesthetic sense that is regenerated from year to year, race by race, to push the boundaries of excellence even further. Desire, patience, method, intuition, technique and talent translate the unfinished forms into pure acts of symbiosis: MCipollini bicycles.
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HIGH VELOCITY ROUGH TERRAIN… no more words are needed.

Rondo brings the most interresting Aero Carbon Bike to the market in a long time. An Aero rig that fits 47mm 650b Tyres..

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