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FESTKA Scout Gravel Bike..

Handmade in Prague


True to its name, Festka Scout goes further than any other gravel bike has done so far. If rough is your stuff, the Scout is your mate. It’s a high-performance machine created with gnarlier terrains and a thirst for adventure in mind.

One of the many great feelings you’ll get from riding the Scout is that you can trust it. And if you trust your partner, you can have great fun together. The Scout’s extended wheelbase acts like an invisible rail that guides you along an ideal path. The adjustable trail of the new Columbus fork allows for some further tinkering with the handling. And that’s before the custom geometry option.

Performance is always one of our priorities. None of the power you’ll put through the pedals will be wasted. The bike is highly responsive without being twitchy. And it’s not just about speed. It’s about the amount of effort you’ll need to achieve your goal, be it an after-work ride near your home or a week-long expedition.

The Scout frame is specifically designed for one by drive trains. That gives you the space to concentrate on more important things than shifting. Not to mention the small matter that this way the chainring and the cassette are perfectly lined up but you don’t need to know that to appreciate it.


Festka Rover

an all rounder that runs 40mm tyres..

FESTKA SCOUT gravel frame Core design

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FESTKA Scout Gravel Bike

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