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Festka Rover

Carbon gravel bike mit Shimano Di2

If you want to have one bike for tarmac and gravel, this is it. Instead of creating a clunky SUV we designed a rally machine. Fast and nimble, light and handling impeccably.
Crossing parts that work brilliantly elsewhere, Rover‘s main triangle is composed of tubes designed for our Spectre and Scalatore models. The chainstays are specific to this model as this part must cope with extra pressure on rougher surfaces.

Carbon fibre composite tubes are the core building material of every Festka frame. Produced to the technological standards of the aircraft industry, these tubes bring Festka bicycles into close kinship with modern jets. Every tube is made of one continuous fibre of carbon filament, eliminating air bubbles, seams and joined fibers. The CNC automated axial fibre laying (AFL) machine technology ensures unparalleled quality of every tube produced. The possibility to weave the tubes of individual fibres gives us nearly unlimited engineered design options and allows us to optimize the tubes to virtually any specifications.

All Festka models excel in exceptional stiffness and comfort, so we wanted to retain these characteristics even off-road. Most gravel bikes do not deliver in terms of performance. In their quest for bigger and bigger tires, designers sacrifice the transfer of power. Our goal was to design a bicycle that would perform without compromise, both on and off-road. The Rover frame can compete with the best road frames available. Equipped with road wheels, the ride is exactly what you would expect from a top-quality road bike.
The Rover frame is designed to work best with all Shimano GRX configurations and the SRAM Force Wide groupset.
We have not forgotten the needs of bikepackers for whom the Rover would be a perfect platform in many ways. The fork is equipped with threaded inserts allowing riders to fit the bike with mudguards or a bag rack. The sloping top tube and bottle cage positions are also designed to accommodate the need to fit a bag inside the frame. And, of course, attaching a bag to the seatpost is possible as well.

Festka Rover

an all rounder that runs 40mm tyres..

Festka Rover Gravel frameset

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