The heavy-duty transporter on two wheels
Carrying up to three batteries at once with a gross vehicle weight at 200 kg makes the Åik superior in moving things from A to B, without getting stuck in traffic. Every Åik is equipped and configured by you to serve your individual commuter needs. Racks, bags, trailers, baskets, passenger seats and more – it’s up to you.
Unsurpassed traffic ability, plenty of battery life and strong pulling power, thanks to the state-of-the-art drivetrain. Categorized as a pedelec means no struggles with licenses or vehicle restricted areas, you go the shortest way to your destination.
Heavy-duty performance – pull, stow and carry heavy loads – comes with no compromises. Engineered and developed for optimal ergonomics and long and exciting days behind the handlebars, the Åik does the heavy work, not the rider.
The choice for high-demanding professionals, the fastest and most convenient way from A to B. Faster, stronger, better, wherever you go.
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  • Capacity 14.5 Ah / 750 Wh*
  • Cells Premium 21700 lithium cells
  • Features The bike can carry up to three batteries for a top class range • Possibility to use one of the extra batteries as power bank, for example powering the Dometic Box • Easily removable, can be charged when installed in bike or separately • Integrated SoC indicator. • Robust and durable design for demanding condition.
  • Voltage (nominal) 51.8 V (48 V system)


  • Disc Stainless steel, 203 mm diameter, 2.2 mm thickness
  • Type Tektro HD-E740, Hydraulic bicycle disc brakes, four piston calipers, hand lever for front and rear brake.


  • 0-100% 2 hours and 15 minutes*
  • 0-80% 1 hour and 30 minutes*
  • Type External charger for standard 220 V outlets.


  • Frame 6061-T6 Aluminium, Extruded, Forged, machined, welded and painted.


  • Telematics unit with GPS, Bluetooth and GSM compatible with Cake App • Cake Fleet Management App and external API integration.


  • Features TFT display with battery SoC, speedometer, ride mode selection and telltales.


  • Fork angle 23°
  • Offset 28 mm
  • Seat height 790 mm (seat adjustment +- 85 mm)
  • Trail 90 mm
  • Wheel base 1234 mm


  • Belt 143 teeth
  • Electric motor Mid drive motor
  • Front sprocket 55 teeth (belt)
  • Nominal power 250 W
  • Torque (motor axle) 100 Nm*
  • Type Mid drive motor with stepless automatic gearbox in rear wheel hub
  • Rear sprocket 22 teeth (belt)

Fenders & Bodywork

  • Material PP plastic


  • Interface 31.8 mm (22.2 mm at grips)
  • Material Aerospace grade 7050 aluminium
  • Rise 220 mm
  • Width 750 mm

Lock and anti-theft

  • Battery lock • GPS activated alarm and tracking. • Integrated anti-theft seat clamp.


  • Classification EN15194 pedelec*

Ride modes

  • Ride mode 1 Reach: When range is more important than speed
  • Ride mode 2 Efficiency: When range and speed are equally important
  • Ride mode 3 Power: When speed is more important than range
  • Ride mode 4 Walk assist: 6 km/h using the thumb throttle

Saddle and grips

  • Ergon saddle and grips

Speed & Range

  • Range 1 battery up to 120 km*, 3 batteries up to 360 km*
  • Top speed With padel assist: 25 km/h* • Without assist: as fast as you can pedal


  • Type Central stand


  • Type Rigid


  • Battery 5.2 kg
  • Dry 32 kg
  • Max. permittable load 200 kg (bike + battery + driver + cargo)
Wheels & Tires
  • Hub front Forged and CNC milled aluminium hubs with 12 mm axle
  • Hub rear Enviolo Extreme AUTOMATiQ modular axle
  • Rims Shining DB-X50 20″ aluminum bicycle rims
  • Tires 20″ x 3.0″ fat bike bicycle tires (20″ is the outer diameter of bicycle tires)