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Make your daily commute a pleasure!

With our new range of Bellitanner commuters we have taken a lot of thought at to how we can make your  daily commute to work a pleasure. We are proud too introduce a range of bikes that we can customize to handle your  daily needs.

The Steel Columbus frame is welded in Germany before receiving a powder coat in which ever colour you desire. Our inter changeable CNC Dropouts allow us to assemble the frame with which ever kind of gears you prefer. We can equip your Bellitanner with a Shimano Alfine or with conventional chain gearing.

We offer different handelbar forms to accomodate various positions on your  bike. You can choose between a classic Retro drop bar for a sportive postion or  a Retro winged bar (as in the Picture) for a comfortable upright Position.

Your Bellitanner can then be customized with a selction of fenders, mud gaurds and carriers.

All Bellitanner Bikes are Hand Buildt in Hamburg Germany and can be shipped anywhere in the world.

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