Wooden Bike Hook

These minimal wooden bike hooks are made for light sports bikes that you want to store indoors. I tried to create a very simple but good looking bike storage solution which works in my home. The beautiful and natural oak wood makes these hooks appear like a peace of high quality furniture.
This pair comes in plain oak wood with a white front and will be shipped in a beautiful gift box. The box includes a pair of wooden bike hooks, two shelf supports with dowels as shown in the last picture and assembly instructions. The length of the hook is 32 cm and they are 3 cm in diametre. I recommend to hang bikes which are not heavier than 13 kg.


Prerequisite for using the bike hooks is the perfect assembly and a stable wall like concrete, masonry or brick walls.
They are not suitable for weak walls like drywall, plasterboard or sheetrock walls.

The two included dowels can be used in some but not all walls. Different wall materials require different types of fixing devices. Please check your walls beforehand and use fixing devices suitable for the walls in your home.
If you are uncertain about what type of anchor to use, please contact your hardware store.

The dowels need to be seated straight and firmly into the wall as a prerequisite to screw the shelf support straight and tight into the dowel against the wall. If the shelf support is mounted you can put the wooden bike hook over the shelf support with both hands.

The bike hooks are made for light sports bikes that you want to store indoors and may not work with heavier bicycles.

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  • Eur 65,00