VanRooyen E Sprint



• Double butted Columbus tubing.
• Smooth welded joints for a cleaner finish.
• “Heat treated” process, which is an artificial aging process that increases the stiffness and life span of each frame.
• Painted in Germany and custom paint possible.
• Carbon fork ensures necessary comfort on bad road surfaces.


• 250 watts power, Torque 20NM
• Battery Life 1000 cycles.
• 3,5kg
• High regeneration of up to 80%. Adjustable via the Bike+ App
• Secure locking via Bike+ App.
• 4 different modes including Bike+ for hilly terrain.
• Triple embedded sensor that detect slopes and pedaling stroke.
• Range 30 – 50 km

All modes are controlled by a smart phone app. This Bike + App allows you to control the power output and regeneration of the motor. The range and battery can also be controlled via the Bike + app for any smart phone.

  • Frame
  • Fork
  • Wheelset
  • Price
  • VanRooyen
  • VanRooyen
  • Zehus Motor
  • Eur 4990,00